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- Version 2.1 -


Released version 2.1!

- Major version 2.0 -


I've just uploaded the v2.0! I hope you will be satisfied with the new UI and concept. See changelog section and read the Help file for more details. I will also try to make a compilation of macros I use and finally upload them. Enjoy

- Version 1.4 released -


I have just uploaded the version 1.4. It fixes some bugs and removes autoupdater, unfortunately. (You can delete the Updater.exe from your folder).

For more information, visit Changelog section. Have fun!

As always, please contact me for any suggestions and bug reports. You can find the contacts in the Author section.

- Version 1.3 released -


It took a bit longer that I expected, mainly because the school has begun and I don't have that much time. Anyway, it is here and I hope it is not too buggy :) You can find more detailed info in Changelog section and download it in the Download section.

I'd say the hardest part was the auto-updating stuff, but I think it should be working almost flawlessly and if you keep the "Check for updates" option enabled, you will be informed about the new version as soon as it is released. Cool, ha?

TIP: If you want to add some units to group and you cannot because of the CTRL mode, just hold CTRL and press the number of the group twice. It should work.
As always, please, let me know what you think, need, want, desire, whatever, I'll be more than glad to read it.

- Version 1.3 coming & COMMENTS section -


I've been coding for a while and decided that it is time for releasing it. I hope you will be satisfied. The main news are automatic updates and enabling CTRL-mode to be toggled by a custom hotkey.

Along with that, I've launched the Comments section. For now it is the best way of communicating with me or other people interested in W3SayIT.

- Page visuals -


I'm currently partially reworking the page's visual interface, sorry for any inconvenience.

- Uploaded v1.2 + webpage info -


Today I put the W3SayIT files for download in the download section. This webpage is far from finishing yet, but in case you somehow got here, I wanted to make sure you could get something from it. So far there is no help on-line, so if you have any questions regarding the program, refer to the built-in helpfile, downloaded with the program.

What to expect: I will fill the pages of the menu first, then I will post some useful macros and perhaps rework the web's skin. Along with that, feel free to contact me at martin[dot]melka[at]gmail[dot]com for any suggestions, bugs and features you would like to see. When I will have done some changes, I will release a new version.